Lawn Care in Ely Designed Just For You

At Grass Carpet Lawn Service we know that not all grass is created equal. You deserve the option of picking a lawn care program that meets your specific needs. Our experts understand the unique maintenance needs of Iowa’s grasses. That’s why we offer two year-long programs to choose from, either our Deluxe or Base Roots, so you can customize your treatment plan and only buy the lawn care services your turf needs.

Our Lawn Care Programs

Get your lawn ready to green up and grow with our Base Roots Program. As part of our basic package, you will receive:

  •  Five direct applications of granular fertilizer during early spring to late fall and a winterizing fertilizer.
  •  Liquid dicot weed control to prevent and get rid of pre-emergent and emergent weeds and crabgrass.
  • On-site assessments of your yard.

Trust the experts with years of lawn care experience!! Contact us today!

Step Up Your Lawn Care With Our Deluxe Program

Our money-saving Deluxe Lawn Care Program includes all the benefits of the Base Roots Program and more, including:

  • Grub control to keep these insects from destroying your yard’s roots. 
  •  Fall core aeration so that your grass can breathe and allow oxygen, light, water, and precious nutrients to nourish your soil.
  •  Weed control for pre-emergent and emergent weeds as well as crabgrass.
  • Early spring to late fall lawn care includes five granular fertilizer applications, plus a winterizing fertilizer application.
  •  Ongoing on-site assessments of your yard to track its specific progress.

Lawn Aeration in Ely

Your lawn will reap the benefits from our annual core aeration services. In order to aerate your yard, small holes are created in your soil. These small holes act like “windows” that open up your soil by loosening the ground for strong root development, decreasing thatch growth, and allowing nutrients to flow. Aeration gives your lawn the added BOOST it needs resulting in the lush green carpet your ELy yard needs. You will notice a difference with annual lawn aeration!

Weed Control in Ely

Your yard will be no match for the common broadleaf weeds that tend to take root in Ely lawns. Weeds steal the nutrition from your soil, leaving your lawn depleted and unattractive. Our customized weed control program treats and prevents common Iowa weeds including:

  • Crabgrass
  • Dandelion
  • Creeping Charlie
  • White Clover
  • Henbit
  • Spurge
  • Purslane
  • Wild Violet
  • And more!

Purchase our Deluxe or Base Roots Lawn Care programs and your weed control is included! Call a Grass Carpet expert today!

Lime Applications in Ely

Your lawn is made up of vital nutrients. Lime is a calcium and magnesium-based inorganic soil conditioner that promotes grass growth by reducing your soil’s acidity levels. High acidity levels in your soil can be responsible for slow grass growth. Our technicians can conduct a pH test to customize the amount of lime and/or fertilizer your soil needs for optimum grass growth. As experts, we understand that the best time to apply your lime application is at the end of the growing season so your lawn is not too wet. We recommend applications every three to five years for the best results and a lawn that is growing, green, and vibrant. 

You can trust the team at Grass Carpet Lawn Service in Ely to care for your lawn and make it the envy of the neighborhood. With our dedicated team and science-backed products, trust us to maintain your lawn for years of satisfaction and enjoyment. We guarantee it!